Healthy Weight Loss – Exercise For Fun

I have found that putting together all the actions necessary for a long term healthy weight loss plan is rather like putting together the pieces of a puzzle.

The good thing about this puzzle though, is that you can fit together just a few of the pieces and get just the picture you want.

It is important that the pieces you choose suit you as an individual. Unlike the claims made for many products, one solution will not do for everyone.

In my series of articles on healthy weight loss, I try in each one to offer one or more pieces of the puzzle, most of which I have tried. While not all of them have been totally successful for me, most have been of benefit in some way, if only in the short term.

There are of course two major aspects of any long term plan. Diet and exercise, each usually being of equal importance.

The physical exercise side of the equation can be very difficult to maintain, particularly when the activity tried is thought of as a chore.

After many years of having to discipline myself and use a lot of will power, I found a way to make sure I actually look forward to my regular periods of exercise.

The key to achieving this in in the title — make your exercise activity fun!

This sounds simple, but is not necessarily easy.

First of all, are you going to exercise alone, or with other people? The social aspect of some sport or training activities can certainly be fun and that could be a great way to start. If you commit to take part, then you are less likely to want to let other people down.

What about on your own?

I have found that listening to music, or even the spoken word, can add to my pleasure while working out.

I also do some particular exercises which are fun in themselves. My current favourite is ‘The waist twisting disc’ which allows me to practice the dance sensation which was popular in my early teens. I can do this, for the recommended 5 minutes, while getting my breath back from something more strenuous, like jump-rope or burpees. My other favourite is the boxing punch-ball, which I had to have when my grandson got one!

These and some other ideas mean that I no longer dread doing the exercises I know I need.

The mindset is so important when you want to build some new habits into your routine. Enjoying your exercise can make a huge difference in the long term.

Getting help and support with your weight loss efforts can also make things easier. Look out for tips and ideas you can use.

When exercise is not a chore, life looks a lot brighter.

There are many great ideas and a Free E course at
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John writes on a number of topics and has a particular personal interest in healthy weight loss ideas. 

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Food Dehydrator Recipes

The gardens we planted when I was growing up yielded more than enough for our families and friends and even some to sell when they were at the peak of the season. The rest of the items we froze, canned or used a food dehydrator to allow us to enjoy the taste of those fresh foods when the garden was not producing. Sometimes they tasted better than when we were eating them fresh.

By utilizing dehydrator recipes you will be assured all of the treats you are making or have given to your families are nutritious. You can generally find a cook book just for food dehydrators.

The explanation and why I suggest having recipes is actually because they all have been tested so anyone can trust they can make and serve the foods that are dehydrated with more confidence. As you get more efficient with your food dehydrator you can experiment more on your own which will lead directly to coming up with some really unique and great recipes to share with your friends and family for generations to come.

Dehydrator recipes do not need be costly or tough and give a choice for you to pick your foods or purchase your foods at the height of the season when they are usually ripe and have the best taste. With your recipes you’ll know just what to get or blend for your personal faves and for the best tastes in your munchies or treats.

If you have kids you know getting food ready for them can be challenging to do if you want to give them munchies that are home made yet healthful. One of the easiest foods that most mums can make and give to their kids is dehydrated foods.

However, how can you prepare this sort of food and how can you begin with this good way of preparing treats? A food dehydrator is a good choice and will save some time and money.

Think about selecting about 1000 watts for each of your 10-15 trays installed into the food dehydrator. When selecting a food dehydrator stick to the names brands that have already performed nicely in the industry like Nesco. You can’t fail with large firms that you might need to get your purchase amount back from if you accidentally make the wrong size dehydrator purchase.

Also these companies pack your food dehydrator with great and convenient how to use manuals to make your life much simpler when you get your unit home.

Find a dehydrator that will meet your needs and go produce shopping. You will be amazed at how easy it will be for you to create quick, nutritious and easy to carry snacks for you and your family. They even make good gifts so think gift giving when you are preparing your dehydrated foods.

Marjorie J McDonald experienced growing up in a gardening family. Each and every year a large garden was planted and all extra food was sold, frozen, canned or dehydrated so the extra foods lasted all thru the year. Creating food dehydrator recipes was especially fun for her family to do.

Marjorie is a writer who specializes in cooking and creating recipes for dehydrating foods. You can check out her latest website at
Food Dehydrator Recipes, where she provides unbiased reviews and buying advice for a range of dehydrators, including the Nesco Food Dehydrator and many more successful food dehydrating tips.

Best Omega 3 Foods

By now most of you must have been aware of at least something about the advantages of including omega 3 foods in your diet will do for your whole health. However, still some of the remaining who don’t know what the foods are and its importance of increasing our intake of omega 3 fatty acids.


The truth of the matter is that these fatty acids are called essential fatty acids, and they’re called that for a very good reason: our body needs them in order to grow and develop in a harmonious way, but it cannot produce them so this means that external sources are needed in order to supply our body with these fatty acids, hence the need to eat more fishy foods.


Omega 3 fatty acids benefit the human body in so many ways it’s astounding, they will aid in protecting your cardiovascular system, our memory, and even our skin from a variety of ailments.


The best foods out there, and the best source for omega 3 oils is fish, and especially fatty oily fish like mackerel, salmon and tuna. It must be noted, for our more vegetarian inclined readers that you can find omega 3 foods that aren’t necessarily meat, you can get omega 3 fatty acids from nuts and leafy greens too.


Of course, nowadays, you don’t have to limit your intake of omega 3 fatty acids to those you get from omega 3 foods; nowadays due to the ingenuity of the human brain, there are a lot of omega 3 supplements available on the market.


If you’re considering taking omega 3 supplements as well as including more omega 3 foods in your daily diet, you should discuss it with your doctor, however doctors usually recommend taking omega 3 supplements regardless of any changes to your diet. The usual daily suggested dose is between two and four grams.


This is the dose believed to be necessary in order to affect problems like high blood pressure, heart disease and high cholesterol in a visible and fast way. With the aid of a doctor, you can find a balance between taking supplements and increasing the amount of omega 3 foods in your diet.


Laza Marius is a content editor who focuses on a wide array of niche health topics such as – Natural High Dha Fish Oil that focuses on omega 3 as a whole, and in partcular, a natural product our editors personally use with excellent health results known as Natural Dha Esters

Low Calorie Diet Recipes That Taste Excitingly Good

For most people, low calorie diet recipes would be tantamount to boring, bland and tasteless recipes perfect only for those who want to really lose a lot of weight or clinically obese.  These days, there are a lot of recipes that are low in calories that are both nutritious and delicious.  These people who plan to follow these recipes for their diets can expect not only health and body weight benefits but also a great gastronomic experience.

A common perception for dips is that they are laden with a lot of calories, so they should be avoided.  Not anymore, since a recipe like edamame dip can be both yummy and a great help in slashing off calories.  In addition, they can really add zing to vegetable sticks and low fat chips.  Green soybeans, water, chopped red onion, chopped cilantro, rice vinegar, olive oil, salt, chili garlic sauce and white beans should be placed in a food processor and processed until a smooth texture is reached. Chill and serve, or it can be served ASAP as well.

Snacks can also have low calorie diet recipes.  The perception of snacks is that they should be avoided as they just add calories that will not be burned off.  However, if a person decreases the caloric content of the main meals, snacks would actually be recommended since they would encourage a spike in metabolism.  With popcorn, instead of serving it plain without anything that could be quite boring, or adding cheese powder or butter, which will add lots of calories, why not add a mixture of olive oil, parmesan cheese and garlic to make the snack tastier yet still low on calories?

Another dip that a dieter can enjoy is the roasted garlic, sun-dried tomato, and white bean dip.  Baked garlic, sun-dried tomatoes, olive oil, rosemary, salt, pepper and white beans will be placed in a processor and served, making whole wheat breads, low fat chips and vegetable sticks ore flavorful.

A lot of low calorie diet recipes now make it a primary consideration for dieters to not only keep their caloric consumption low, but also be pleased with the gastronomic delights.  It can now be said that rich, tasty food can also be eaten by dieters!

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